Wizard Stickers

Soni Honegger Tactical Vehicles

Cummins 4BT 3.9l Diesel engines are notorious for their vibrations and even with the factory offered upgrade of installing a COUNTER BALANCING SHAFT, the remaining vibrations are still substantial.

So when we were faced with the challenge of offering the Scorpion All Terrain Vehicle with the Cummins diesel engine upgrade, we were simply appalled by the unacceptable levels of vibrations and discomfort!

After extensive research, we found the solution / salvation in the form of an application of “sensor” stickers, manufactured and distributed by WIZARD STICKERS of Schaan, Liechtenstein.

These were applied to engine, drive train and chassis of the diesel Scorpion Vehicle and resulted in such a effective and notable reduction in vibration and harmonics, that we subsequently applied these “sensors” to the gasoline powered version of the Scorpion as well.

Thank you for this simple but very effective solution.   

Soni Honegger

Chief Engineer 

Tactical Vehicles Inc.