Bob Kimber

"Dear Wizards, after racing for the past three seasons in the Score Baja Championship Series, competing three times in the Ironman Solo category, and twice on Pro Moto teams, I wanted to take the time to properly thank you for ALL support you have given me. I am so proud to have been introduced to you, and to WizardStickers. Prior to using WizardStickers, my hands and arms had a difficult time, and I was living with the regret that I might never get to see my life-long dream of doing the Baja1000 peninsula run, because I couldn’t hold onto the bars that long.

I am proud to say that since I have incorporated WizardStickers into virtually every aspect of my life, I am now able to ride any distance, and any terrain, and have no fatigue or arm pump holding me back.
The best example I can give you is that I was able to finish the San Felipe 250, while standing riding the toughest course of all the Baja races, with zero fatigue. My legs and arms in the days following the race were never sore or tired. I cannot help but attribute all of my success WizardStickers.
Everyone asks me about WizardStickers, and I tell them what I have learned from you scientifically, but then I tell them that it is “Magic”‼️👍🏼
I have accepted my most recent invitation to join the team for the upcoming Baja400 in September. Please wish me luck🍀
And thank you again for helping my dream come true. The Baja1000 this coming this November is going to be a peninsula run, close to 1200miles.“


"Thanks for an awesome product. Wizard stickers has been a game changer for all of my bikes. I have used wizard stickers on aluminum, carbon,steele and titanium frame bikes. I instantly noticed a difference the wizard stickers made on each bike. I have been riding with wizard stickers on my bikes for 8+ years. I currently live in Moab, Utah known as a mountain bike Mecca. The wizard stickers help absorb the shock from going to your body, which increases performance. You can instantly feel the power to the pedals when you put the wizard stickers on your bike. I feel the wizard stickers also increases breaking power. Again thanks for an awesome product that makes riding even more enjoyable and fun. Thanks, Dave Burdette Moab, Utah”


The whole frame also felt a bit smoother, as if it had already been well run in. The advantage of this is that the bike handling and the liveliness is transferred very positively to the cornering behaviour. In terms of vibration, I noticed a slightly smaller difference. However, in rallying we are influenced by many different conditions such as speed, wind, different surfaces, engine speed, etc., so it is very difficult to judge. My mechanic said that during his daily test lap after washing, he could
my mechanic said that he can already clearly feel the positive difference in the vibration during his daily test lap after washing.

Personally, I am so convinced of the stickers that I no longer want to drive without them.

For the coming World Rally Championship season, the preparation for the Dakar Rally and then of course for the season highlight, the Dakar Rally 2018, I hope that I can use the stickers again.

Many thanks to Wizardstickers for the great support !
Best regards
Matthias Walkner

KTM Red Bull factory rider
1st place at the 2018 Dakar Rally and multiple good finishes in the front places.
2 stage wins at the Dakar Rally.
Rally World Champion 2015
MX3 World Champion 2012
Dakar participant 2015 – 2017


"I have been riding motocross since I was eight years old. As a rather small and light rider, I always had trouble keeping the bike under control in the beginning. Four years ago, I was able to ride a bike equipped with Wizard stickers for the first time. Right from the start, I noticed that the bike felt much smoother and therefore easier to control. I also got tired much less quickly. So I could always ride as fast or even faster in the last laps of a race as in the first laps. In the meantime, I was able to win three Swiss championship titles in the 65cc and 85cc categories - also thanks to "Wizard Stickers". I still trust in Wizard Stickers and I am looking forward to riding internationally together with them in the future.


It's always amazing what a difference the Wizard Stickers make. The bike feels much smoother, it's almost as if the suspension has been softened and the fibres taken out. It's much easier to turn in and therefore easier to hit the grooves. The bike is more "connected" to the ground. I see the advantage of the stickers not only on a lap but on a race distance. Less physical and mental fatigue and therefore more consistent lap times = better results! We have also noticed that sticking stickers on the tyres makes a significant difference to the directional stability, especially with angular holes it is much more forgiving and the bike behaves more calmly. Pascal Frommelt


Hello! My friend Dave Burdette in Moab, Utah kindly shared some of your Wizard anti-vibratory stickers with me. I am a long distance trail runner and I have been wearing them under the insoles of one pair of my trail running shoes and alternating them with another that has none, throughout my training since last September (I have moved the stickers from an old pair to a new pair as I got new shoes over the season) and I think my legs feel less fatigued when I use the shoes with the Wizardstickers. I wanted to tell you about my experience using the stickers in my running shoes (a soft material) because I see you promote the use of the sticker for metal objects like bikes and engines to reduce vibration. I notice I am less tired after runs where I use your stickers. Your product is amazing.


Cummins 4BT 3.9l Diesel engines are notorious for their vibrations and even with the factory offered upgrade of installing a COUNTER BALANCING SHAFT, the remaining vibrations are still substantial. So when we were faced with the challenge of offering the Scorpion All Terrain Vehicle with the Cummins diesel engine upgrade, we were simply appalled by the unacceptable levels of vibrations and discomfort! After extensive research, we found the solution / salvation in the form of an application of “sensor” stickers, manufactured and distributed by WIZARD STICKERS of Schaan, Liechtenstein. These were applied to engine, drive train and chassis of the diesel Scorpion Vehicle and resulted in such a effective and notable reduction in vibration and harmonics, that we subsequently applied these “sensors” to the gasoline powered version of the Scorpion as well. Thank you for this simple but very effective solution. Soni Honegger Chief Engineer Tactical Vehicles In



Thanks again for the Wizardstickers and your work I can only recommend the stickers to others the driving comfort has improved enormously and there are hardly any vibrations to feel super driving experience. Best regards Adrian

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