Wizard Stickers reduce vibrations

Wizard Stickers reduce vibrations

We help you get peace of mind on your bike with Wizard Stickers and simple instructions.

Over 20 years of development

Take advantage of our technological progress and in just 3 steps you will achieve
 Less vibration and a better driving experience  

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How to use Wizard Stickers on your bike

Simply stick a Wizard sticker on each numbered spot

1. frame: less vibration, increased stability

2. stem: less vibration, more precise steering behaviour

3. handlebars: less vibration, more precise steering behaviour

4. tyres: less vibration, better rolling behaviour

5. rims: less vibration, better rolling behaviour

6. seat stays: less vibration, better stability

7. chainstays: less vibration, better stability

8. crank: less resistance

9. hubs: less rolling resistance

10. fork: less vibration

You have questions?

By applying a WizardSticker to vibration-relevant points, materials are positively influenced in their vibration behaviour. For an object covered with WizardStickers, higher forces are required to bring the material out of equilibrium than for the same object not covered with stickers. 

The use of Wizard Stickers is not regulated in professional sport.

Wizard Stickers are only available for purchase on this website. 

We give no guarantee, but the effect has worked every time so far when using the WizardStickers correctly. 

Wizard Stickers work without an external power source. The energy used is generated from the material to which the sticker is applied. The effect does not diminish over time if the sticker is applied correctly.

The production of the WizardStickers is located in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein. 

Sticking on a device can be complicated under certain circumstances. Only correct use, i.e. gluing in the right places on the unit, guarantees excellent results. You can find help with gluing on site. 



Less vibrations. More Performance.