What are Wizard Stickers?

A Wizard Sticker is a material-influencing chip that both reduces vibrations and positively influences flowing media. WizardStickers offers an innovative optimisation system for the containment of vibrations and disturbing oscillations. By applying a Wizard Sticker to vibration-relevant points, materials are positively influenced in their vibration behaviour. In the case of an object covered with Wizard Stickers, higher forces are required to bring the material out of equilibrium than in the case of the same object not covered with stickers.


How do Wizard Stickers work?

Wizard Stickers are chips with adhesive foil which, depending on the application, are equipped with different capacitors and oscillating circuits connected in cascade. Without an external power supply, an electromagnetic interaction occurs between the chip and the material to which it is stuck. Through these influences, the electrical and mechanical properties of the matter are changed, and a reduction of vibrations through frequency shifting or an improvement of the laminar flow behaviour of gases and liquids takes place.

If a Wizard Sticker is brought into contact with various materials, an electromagnetic field is created through the contact potential difference (KPD), which experiences additional dynamics through the introduction of thermal, electrical and also mechanical energy. The electromagnetic field of the vibrating matter generated by the contact potential or by vibrations interacts electromagnetically with the oscillating circuits applied to the chip. A Wizard Sticker thus influences the electromagnetic fields of the mechanically/vibration-loaded matter, and has a damping effect on its mechanical properties and stiffens it. As a result, the modulus of elasticity is increased and thus the natural frequency of the matter is also changed/increased. This means that, similar to an eddy current brake, a vibration reduction/ resonance avoidance and vibration amplitude reduction is achieved.


How does it work?

Materials such as metal, wood, plastic, ceramics and other composite materials consist of atoms and molecules that are held together by electrical forces.  The electrical forces of attraction between the negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons cause the solid cohesion and thus the strength of the material. The effect of these electrical forces is determined in materials science and materials testing by means of tensile tests, for example. The value determined by these tests is called the modulus of elasticity. A material is elastic if it returns to its original shape after a load is removed. The modulus of elasticity is a material constant that depends on the respective composition of the material and its surface properties. The modulus of elasticity, the density and the material length determine the natural frequency of the respective material. 


Another important material constant is the electron work function. This quantity indicates the energy required to release an electron from a material. If materials with different electron leakage work are brought into contact, a contact potential difference is formed. This represents a voltage that causes the electrons with a lower electron work function to pass into the material that has a higher electron work function. 

The natural frequency of a material is therefore dependent on the elasticity modulus as well as the density and length of the material. A Wizard Sticker does not change the density or weight of the material, but the electricity modulus. 



Who can use Wizard Stickers?

Due to their innovative technology, Wizard Stickers can be used in almost all areas of mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry as well as in the sports and energy sector as an optimisation system to improve efficiency. Depending on the area of application, the cost-effective bonding results in vibration reduction through frequency shifting as opposed to vibration reduction through mass or damping. 


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